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Post viral cough

Post Viral Cough Treatment with Minor Bluegreen Dragon Decoction

This has been a particularly bad flu season, with many people getting sick. The height of the initial flu symptoms seems to have subsided but many people are still complaining of a post viral cough. While the flu symptoms of 2018 likely lasted 7-10 days, many people are still feeling fatigued with post viral cough, wheezing, tickling in the throat/chest, possible dry heaves, body aches with discharge from the lungs.

Those with a history of asthma and bronchitis are especially vulnerable to post viral cough but many others have symptoms too. There are two body types that have differentiating symptoms, look at the two groups below to identity which one best fits you.

Body Type A – no sweat, generally robust health
Body Type B – sweat easy, generally weaker health

Next, identity the color of the fluids that come up when you cough. The amount can be small or abundant. There are 3 general formulas that are appropriate for post viral cough, however additional modifications are necessary in many cases. It is extremely important you also have a full intake to identity the state of your health and any other conditions to get prescribed the right formula. However, below is a list of common Chinese herbal formulas suited for this post viral cough. The most common pattern seen with this post viral cough is Xiao Qing Long Tang.

  • Ma Huang Xi Xin Fu Zi Tang
  • Xiao Qing Long Tang
  • Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang
  • Gui Zhi Jia Hou Po Xing Zi Tang

If you are still struggling with cough after having the flu, it is an excellent time to start classical Chinese herbal therapy and acupuncture to boost the immune system. Moxa therapy is also excellent for boosting the immune system after having the flu. Click here to book an appointment