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While Chinese medicine is becoming very popular, you may still have some apprehension about acupuncture and what exactly to expect from treatment. Below explains what you will experience during your first visit and also answer some common questions.

Prior to arriving to your first treatment, you will receive email instructions to complete your online Health History, insurance information and sign consent forms. Once you arrive at the clinic, there may be additional paperwork if you haven't already completed it. Once you're done, we will address areas of concerns, answer questions and discuss what to expect from a treatment plan. Once this is complete there will be a physical exam and acupuncture treatment.

Your treatment plan could be minimal or extensive depending on the state of your health and condition. Typically, most patients come 1-2 times per week or bi-monthly but varies from case to case.

Does acupuncture hurt?
Typically, there is no pain. However, there can be dull ache sensation where needle is inserted.

Afraid of needles?
It would 10-15 acupuncture needles to fit into 1 hypodermic needles. They are very thin and designed to be pain-free.

Where do the needles go?
Acupuncture is based on pathways, which means we may needle distally at the extremities.

What should I wear?
We will needle extremities and trunk so lose-fitting clothing is recommended, we also provide medical gowns.

Do you take insurance?
We do take some insurance for pain-based conditions. Insurance doesn't cover women's health treatment however.

How long are the treatments?
New patient visits are at least 75 minutes but may go longer. Follow-up visits are up to 60 minutes.

Who will be treating me?
Check-out our About page and read more about your acupuncturist.